Artists for Charity - Addis Ababa

For this year’s Africa Hotel Investment Forum, we were delighted to commission a local Ethiopian artist, Solomon Hailu, to paint a picture that he felt represents the conference theme:  “Africa – an Endless Discovery.”  Mr Hailu was one of the first artists to join the Makush Art Gallery in Addis Ababa, which actively supports various community endeavours by donating artwork to various charities, fundraisers and decorating deserving centres for free as well as raising awareness of key initiatives through art.

In support of Artists for Charity, this piece of art was auctioned during the evening reception on 30 September. In a strong showing of support, we raised over US $6,000 during the event – enough to complete the playground at Yekatit Hospital with a little remaining to decorate and furnish the playroom.  The charity’s goal by the end of next year is to build two more playgrounds and make similar improvements at three other hospitals with large paediatric units.  The playgrounds provide a place where children can momentarily escape from their troubles and pass the time with other children at play.