Jennifer’s visit to King Abdullah Economic City

1)Experienced the warmest greeting I have ever received from immigration staff . I was cheerfully welcomed, efficiently directed and let into the country with minumum pain and fuss.  American, Australian, British immigration officers take note.

2) Amazing hotel service, from the room service delivery man to the GM everyone was exceptional.  I particularly appreciate the GM arranging to have my fogotten make up bag delivered to Dubai asap. Whoops.

3) No ceasar salad or club sandwhich on the menu. Literally a first.  But I experienced, quite possibly, the room service fries of my life (trust me, there is hardly a hotel I have stayed in whose fries I have not tried), complimented by the world's best tomato sauce.  The little known brand seems to have a foodhold in the Saudi market as it also cropped up in the Saudia lounge.  Considering getting the distribution rights for the UAE market.

4) I love packing and dressing for Saudi.  Abaya and killer accessories over yoga gear, brilliant. 

5) Sunset over the Red Sea is devine 

6) the King Abdullah Economic City is freakishly ambitous but the team seems equally determined to succeed.  I would not bet against them.   Wondering if I should be purchasing off the plan now...

7) There is a nation with more speed-crazed drivers than the UAE.  It is a must to have an engaging travelling companion (who is preferably not driving) or to have downloaded your emails before getting going anywhere by car, it is tres nessecary as a passenger to have your mind anywhere but on the road.   

8) There is actually purchasing potential at the airport with a little consession of locally designed clothes, not my vibe but the kind of thing which would be fab for pressies for the peeps back home and for the 'oh what this? yes, picked it up in Saudi' factor 

9) Jeddah airport has a un-nerving amount of hairy man nipple on show.  It is hard to get used to hordes of half naked men wandering around the arrival terminal.

10) Back in Dubai but looking forward to working on a new event in the KSA.