Mt Kili Madness Launch

On the 16th July, between the stifling hot hours of 12-2pm: Ex Ashes Cricketers, Press, sponsors and the Bench Events team gathered on the Rooftop Terrace of the Kia Oval for the Mt Kili Madness Launch.

Mt Kili Madness is a record-breaking cricket match being played at 5,785m in the crater of Mt Kilimanjaro, this is 600m higher than the last record which was set in 2009. The climb begins on the 20th September with a 7-day trek, taking us to the big game day on the 27th September.  This challenge is in aid of TUSK Trust, against poaching in Africa, Cancer Research UK and Rwanda Cricket Stadium Foundation. We are supporting TUSK because over 100 African elephants are killed every day and this is having a multiplying effect on the country and wider continent; not only due to the impact on animal well-being, but also due to the wider economic impacts as a result of a decline in tourist numbers. Cancer Research is another of our charities. Cancer has had a major impact on many of us in our personal lives and is always a worthy cause. Last but not least we are raising money for the Rwanda Cricket Stadium Foundation. This amazing charity is aiming to construct Rwanda's first dedicated cricket ground, and aims to develop stronger communities through cricket.

Clare Connor, Head of England Women’s Cricket at the England & Wales Cricket Board and ex-England Cricket captain hosted our launch at the Oval and named the team captains for the Mt Kili cricket match: Ashley Giles and Heather Knight. It is such an honor and pleasure to have these iconic cricketers leading our Kilimanjaro teams. 

[Clare Connor announcing Heather Knight as a team captain]

While listening to Clare Connor, the launch guests we were able to indulge in Aveqia London’s delicious canapés and drink Kilimanjaro beer kindly supplied by SAB Miller.

During the launch, the announcements continues and we are pleased to have Pete Langman joining us on the climb. Pete suffers from Parkinson’s disease and will be a true inspiration to all of us and is also participating in the cricket match. We look forward to having you on the team, Pete.

[Clare Connor, Pete Langman, David Harper and Heather Knight]

Thanks to all who made this day a spectacular success and we appreciate your continued support.


- By Charlotte Worsley